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Posted on January 19, 2011


November and December 2010 Ministry Report

Dear FriendMount Everest

This is not a chance. You are here by God’s grace. I come to you with my November and December 2010 Ministry report. First of all, I would like to give thanks to God for keeping me safe through out the year and helping me do ministry. I am His unworthy servant and I am trying best to fulfill God’s call in my life. Secondly, I want to thank you for your prayer, support and encouragement in 2010. Church in Nepal is growing because of you.

I ask God to bless you in every area of your life and ministry. I believe God has beautiful purpose and mission for all of us in 2011. Let us work together to fulfill that purpose.

Bible Purchased One hundred copies of Bible were purchased through the help of Mr. Anil from Dubai. Mr. Anil was traveling to Bhutan using Kathmandu transit. While he was in Kathmandu he decided to visit a Bible Distribution Ministry Church. One of our friends in Dubai gave my number to him and it was possible to meet him. New converts are growing in Nepal and they need the Bible. We are happy we are able to replace Bible in the hand of needy believers around Nepal. The cost of 100 Bible is around 300 US dollar only. This year we have many evangelistic programs in the villages, we need Bible. 80 % people live in village in Nepal.

In my recent trip to village, I met one person who he is 65. His one eye was damaged so he can’t see. He had an old New Testament Bible and he was copying it. We said would you like to have new complete bible? And he was excited. Some body game him a New Testament oneSports Ministry Christmas Peace Cup Football year ago at conversion, and he did not know that there is a Holy Bible. It was good to be there. He cherishes Bible now just as he cherishes baby. Ten years ago Nepal disciple population was below 200000 but now people say disciple has cross the number of 1400000 in number.

First Christmas Peace Cup 2010 For the first time Kathmandutise heard the Christmas Peace Cup Football. We organize this national standard tournament to publish the gospel message. For this we used the name Christmas for which media was very glad to put in Paper. Hosanna Group became the main sponsor for the tournament which contributed nearly 1500 dollar. Local organizations and companies also became the partners. Total expense of the event was around 8000 dollar. Thanks to all groups for making their valuable contribution. We request and encourage them to sponsor future everns too. I see that non- Christian companies and organization do not associates with Christian, but it was not so in our events. Our evangelistic Bible Distribution to Playersprograms, but money is theirs. It’s a beautiful thing. Next time we plan to hire TVs to broadcast Christian Sport events so that every one would hear the gospel in their house and every where.

I believe there are many types of communities are there, specially in Nepal. And we should reach all the people groups to share the Love of God. And there are method to reach people groups. Raute do not accept if we do not wear their cloth. Some time we don’t like to become as one of them but we have to become one of them to save one of them. And I want to thank all my friend who helps us to reach all of them, one by one. Below girls photo is from Tharu in west Nepal. They are still unreached people group. We would like to request you to be a continued part of Christmas Peace Cup Football in Nepal evangelstic efforts in Nepal. Let us do some thing for unsaved before we leave Earth to be with Jesus. So we will like to reach athletes, because they are one of the community.

Ex-student Retreat Program was held in Kathmandu after the Christmas. Some students missed this retreat because they still had Christmas program in their Church. Pastors, Evangelists and Leaders, eighteen of them, submitted their profile. Profile has every thing about them which I am going to put it in the internet for others to see and pray for them, and if they like, they can sponsor the evangelist.

Bible School Nepal We have more then 16 central congregations and these congregations has many house churches. We have numerous evangelists working in their villages. I always think of supporting them financially but could not do that until now. Some time I feel pity on them and I regret to myself. I feel very unworthy to be called a Pastor to them. They are the evangelists in frontline and we can’t even purchase them warm cloth. This is the situation of my ministry. Some student got married, some have become shepherd of the flock of Jesus and some have become Philip, I mean evangelist. Reunion program is needed because in reunion program I heard of their ministry reports.

Bible School was held in Ilam. Thank you for your prayer. There were more then 35 students. EachBible School in Nepal one got a Holy Bible at the end. The leaders in the region were so uplifted. This School was possible through the fervent request of the leaders in that region. Nepal will soon turn to Jesus if every one would create environment of starting Bible School and work for the spreading of the gospel. We receive request from Churches to come and help them train their disciple. This is possible if we work together.

I still can’t decide whether we should have Bible School in 2011 just because of the finance. This is still a matter of prayer. There are many disciples waiting to be in the class so that they could go and teach others and make disciple. Our work is to teach and visit them, and their work is to make disciple who would make other disciple.


Churches Network Annual Leaders Conference was held in Kathmandu. I am puting below a photograph of leaders with me. When you support me are supporting them too, pastors and Church in Nepal Leadersevangelists. This year we are 25 Pastors, Evangelists and Leaders. Women and some leaders were not in photo session. Next year we will be 50 Pastors and Evangelists. In this situation, how can we be an organized team? Can you help us organized our team, in Jesus way. How can we help our evangelists? Rita and I use to talk that, when we started the Church in beginning 2005, we were only 4 souls. Today, The Lord has blessed us in such a way, now we can’t even comprehend it. We are more then 500 member in the body of Christ, just in our circle. And thank you for your participation, this is because of your prayer and support. Church in Nepal is growing. All glory to God.

Project Emmaus has started this year. Project Emmaus (where they saw Jesus) is a film project ministry. We are going to do evangelistic work in such a way like we never did before. We will go to every house in the mountain and villages with Jesus film and we will distribute tracts and Bibles. We will make sure every mountain will hear the gospel. We have already received requests to come to their village to show film and to do evangelistic works. Please pray for Salman Rai who is the in charge of film project ministry. He does not have financial support to travel. Salman has a team to help him. Believers in Nepal

Ramechap Visit was very successful. Pratap Tamang who is a member of our congregation in Kathmandu brought us news that believers in his village in Ramechap is upset with us because we did not care for them. He said they had not had lord supper for months and disciple are waiting for water baptism. You see, we are 25 leaders and still we can’t cover all the needy place. Trualy laborers are very few. I think I wrote about Pratap Tamang and starting of new Church in his village. It was 10 hour bus drive in hill road. Road was narrow and small and when ever two bus face each other one have to look for space and give way to another. Bus had only 28 seat but there were more then 90 human, up and inside the bus. But the people there were very hungry for the word of God. They were so Disciple in Nepalexcited when they heard me preach to them. 12 people took the water baptism and still some left behind. A woman of 68 walked 5 hours to get baptism. Many of them are willing to come for Bible Training. A elderly man of 65 accepted Jesus. He was village favorite witch doctor and whole village is in awe now as they heard of his conversion.

Disciple in Ramechap is growing. But, in the beginning, the way the seed was sown in that place was very bitter. All the village beat the first believer and cast him out of the village. Because of his passion and toleration we see a Church there. Still, any body who fellowship with Christian there, is separated from the community of Hindus and Lamas. NewUnreached People Groups of Nepal Tharu disciple becomes untouchable and they do not associate. This is very hostile place. So please pray for disciple in this place.

Lastly, I want to thank you for your prayer and for your support for the past. Without your support, Reuben can do nothing.


Kathmandu Nepal

You can have a look to the link below to see photos, also please tell me how this newsletter came into your inbox. Can you see all images? I am using new software.


2010 November December Ministry Photos



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