Posted on January 23, 2011


Thank you Michele for your quick reply. Teen Mission Australia is coming in winter and USA team will come in before that, in summer in June. They will build an orphanage and a training center in the same place where we are struggling to clear the due. Land lord is passionate in waiting for money. If there was another man in his place we would not get the land I am sure. He is tolerating because he sees once the house is build his church brothers and sisters will get some job in the building. Still some time he do get upset in the way we deal with him regarding the payment. That off course is right. We would do the same if I was there in his place. Today I oversee almost 16 Churches, and all of my leaders they depend on me for any ministry action, they say what I do is may be correct. They say nothing. But in my walk of 16 years of Christian ministry I have had the greatest challenge of bringing the fund to our ministry. You know that many denomination would like to support but once we go under their umbrella, I have to forcefully leave all my ministerial agenda. I should accept their order and fulfill their goal. Denomination coming to Nepal is not so good at this time, I believe. Denomination have divided the unity and spirit of Nepal. Today one group do not attend others seminar. My heart hurts. We will not going to win Nepal if we are divided. Nepalese should preach the gospel to Nepalese. Foreigner they don’t know the culture. Some few leaders have joined the missions and they are happy because their children get schooling in some good college out side, they get good financial support, for their family. I think we should focus all of Nepal, not just us, I think of that little family of believers in remote mountain in Dasami who do not had proper cloth to cover their nakedness. I remember that family of Pastor who did not had any food to provide to us once we visited them. Poor woman have committed suicide because she is not able to provide food to her kids, families are separated because of poverty. I love them and I do ministry for them. I will continue to visit them. I don’t have any thing to give to them but I can show love to them. I and my family have never compromised the gospel. One brother said Reuben don’t have money but he is going to purchase the land what a dull idea. That is right people don’t get what I do. But I will do for the sake of the poor widow and the orphans. I will not give up. I have faith in God. He will certainly do it. He knows the way then I do. We don’t have money but we do, that is faith, we live by faith, other wise we would have been destroyed. Do you know many Pastors who preach about faith they don’t have faith in God at all. I want to thank you for your precious prayer. Please tell every one in your circle that I said JAY MASHI.

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