2011 Jan Feb Ministry Report

Posted on March 19, 2011


2011 January and February Ministry Report

Dear Friend

It is my privilege to bring you January and February 2011 Ministry Reports. Working together in partnership is only the way to achieve our mutual goal. I can’t stay without thanking you for each prayer you have spoken to God for us and single rupees that you have contributed to the evangelism work in Nepal. You are very very precious to us. I can’t repay you back but I pray that your reward in heaven would be great. It is an honor for me to bring you report of how God is working in this Himalayas in bible distribution, film project and sports ministry and the ministry among the children.

Bible Distribution Ministry, We have distributed Bibles to schools, colleges, universities, churches and individually to many people in around Nepal in January and February 2011. This was possible because of your support. Scriptures are being sown in the heart and the home of the people in Nepal. Without your help we would not have done this. Thank you for playing a vital role in changing their hearts. Please be sure to check up link below to see more photos on handling out the Bibles.

Film Showing Ministry, Salman and his team is showing Jesus film and other evangelistic films in villages around Nepal. Some time they have to climb mountain carrying the project equipment to show film. There is no road or vehicle going up the mountain. Film Project equipment are heavy since they need to carry petrol (gasoline) for power generator. They have sown film to thousands of people in remote places in Nepal. They have needs and they expect someone to bless them. First need is voltage controller to safeguard the projector from lighting and rain. Without this item, projector could be burn any time. They bear the risk to show Jesus film even without power controller. Its price is not more than 120 US dollar. And other need is sleeping bag. Film crew travels and treks. They do not know where they are going to sleep because every time they go to, the go to new place. Some time they need to sleep outside home without tent and you know how cold the Himalayan chilly wind is? So they need sleeping bag. They expect to have this as a blessing from any one. Please remember that these film teams work voluntarily and they do not have regular financial support. Only support they get some time is from me. You may not know the problem I am facing. Please visit my blog to know more personally about me. http://www.freewebs.com/reubenrai/apps/blog/show/6362723-10-march-2011


Sports Ministry, One of the calls I have from God is in sports ministry. Right now we are training 20 players to play in football. We preach them about Jesus. We give them Bibles. We show to them Jesus film and other evangelistic films. We make a pitch a sport church. My challenge is to find a local sponsor who can finance the club. I am praying for this. I am working very hard to lead the youth to Jesus. Our club, Church Boys United, is only the club in Nepal that works in Sport ministry. Please pray that many youth would be touched through this sports ministry.

Children Ministry, Please help us start Children Ministry in Nepal. You might want to help us write Sunday school materials. We help Churches’ children ministry but we have not been able to provide them materials, so far. Children are tomorrow’s Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers and Missionary. God will change the lives of thousands through them. I am asking God to show us how to work among Children. You might want to share your one or two advises for the children ministry.

Recently, we took children to the zoo. They were so happy and they did not wish to come back to home because they enjoyed so much. It was so fun. We taught them how to behave like true children of God to others and bring glory to Him. It is children right to visit the fun park some time. They were so happy and we are so happy too.

In speaking about Children Ministry, I want to talk about orphans. God has put in my heart to help those in need, especially those children who do not have their parent. And those single Mom who lives in poverty and has difficulty in growing up their little kids, paying their school fees, sewing them new cloths and providing them adequate food. If you have heart of love and care towards these orphans and poor children, please let us join our hands to bring them back to God’s family. I have a list of orphans and poor children who needs assistance for the shelter and for their education. I am praying and planning to keep them all in one house. I won’t write all here for their privacy because this page goes to the internet also.

Ginger Production for Pastors, I use to think of helping Pastors and Evangelists. One of the projects we can start for them is Ginger Production. Many of our Pastors have fields they can grow Ginger. Ginger is one of the most consumable product in the market. If we can provide fund to grow Ginger then Pastors can become self supported for their ministry. Please pray for this. I would like to help Pastors grow Ginger so that they can feed their family and do ministry without diverting their concentration.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayer, for your generosity, love and care which you have sown to us. We will never forget your kindness. We will continue to remember you in our prayer. Be bold and be strong and be a model to us. Let us change the world together for Jesus.


I am just worried about my photographs in this report. Some browser show up the photos and some did not. Explorer did not show the photos but Firefox and Google chrome did. Did photos appear in your browser?



Please click Rosanna’s photograph below to see more ministry photos from this report.



Church in Nepal, 2011 Jan-Feb Ministry Photos

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