2011 March-May, Film Showing, Sports, Village, Orphanage and Videos

Posted on May 23, 2011


My Dear Friend

Welcome to another season of reading ministry report. I want to thank you so much for your prayer and support to our ministries in Nepal. Month of March April and May have been great month for us. We visited many places around Nepal and did ministry to communities in a very special ways. We will never ever forget the grace of God in us. It’s all because of your prayer and help.

This update is going to be very long I know. Please remember I labor so much for this to bring this to your screen. I have so many ministry reports and I don’t know where to start from.

Church Boys and Sports Ministry

Sports Ministry has introduced me to the Nepali communities. It has helped me to publicize the gospel nationwide, using sports. Church Boys Club participated in national league events. It gave good impression to other players even though it did not qualify. Our motto is to not to win the game, but to win the heart and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ all around Nepal through sports. In last single game in Madhumalla we distribute 17000 gospel tracts to the audience. During our coaching session in Kathmandu we regularly told the players about Jesus Christ. Many of them have taken the Bibles with them and they ask questions about it. We just don’t play, we preach the gospel.

Clothes received from FA

We received football stuffs from FA in England. We would like to thank Brother Mike for donating the balls, T-shirts, short pants, socks, marker and other stuffs to Church Boys United. Your materials have helped us to train players in an effective way as well as to share the Love of God to the sporting world. Thank you.

Preaching the gospel in village

Jesus said, ‘Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature’. I stay in City but I regularly make plan to visit villages. Town has many types of Medias from whom they can hear the gospel, but village do not have. In April, I and my team went to the village to preach the gospel. We gave away many tracts and many people heard the gospel. Kamala and Lila accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior. Lila is only 16 but she is paralyzed below her waist and can’t walk. Many people were very interested to know more about Jesus. If we could have stayed little longer we would have led many to Jesus. Thank you for your prayer while I was in Ilam.

Bible Distribution in Ramechap

50 copies of Nepali Holy Bible worth $ 150 were given to the disciples in Ramechap. Thank you for helping these disciples get the word of God in their hand. Number of disciple coming to Lord Christ is growing every month in all the Churches. Our work is growing and so our need. If we can’t help each other we would not go far.

Film Showing Program in March April and May 2011

  1. In Sukrabare 150 people heard the gospel through Jesus film and same numbers of tracts were given away.
  2. In Palase in Ilam 400 people heard the gospel through film and tracts were given away.
  3. In Gangate in Ilam 200 people heard the gospel through Jesus film and tracts were given away.
  4. In Dung Dunge in Ilam, on February 27, 150 people watched the Jesus film.
  5. In Birtamod in Jhapa on March 1, 200 people heard the gospel through film and tracts were given away.
  6. In Garamani in Jhapa on March 3, 200 people heard the gospel through film and were given away.
  7. In Bhatbhate in Ilam on March 16, 200 people watched Jesus Film and tracts were given away.
  8. In Pathari, Morang on May 1 and 2, 500 people watched Jesus film and tracts were given away.
  9. In Kerkha, in Jhapa on March 18, 250 people heard the gospel through film and tracts were given away.
  10. In Chepti, in Ilam on April 22, 250 person saw the Jesus film and tracts were given away.
  11. In Ramechap on May 10 &14, 800 people heard the gospel through film and tracts were given away.
  12. In Kulumjor, in Ramechap on May 11, 250 people heard the gospel through film and tracts were given away. Kulumjor was 6 hours walking in distance from Ramechap bazzar.
  13. In Gelu, in Ramechap on May 16 and 17, 500 people heard the gospel. Ramechap Bazzar to Gelu was 12 hour walking distance through the mountains which was very difficult for us to carry the equipments load.

Film Showing Program in Ramechap Bazar, Kulumjor and Gelu

We took bus from Kathmandu around 9 AM in the Morning on 9th May and we reached Manthali at 5PM where Tire blew up. Bus was carrying the load four times the capacity it could carry. Inside and outside and in the doors, everywhere were packed, not even for foot space. Road was gravel and not paved, every moments humping bumping, through the narrow, single road and in the deadly slopes and turning. Turning point was so congested that bus needed to move back and forth. I just don’t understand why people in Nepal travel like that. Our journey was in God’s hand. I never seen in my life like that. I dare not to travel like that. But like other people, we had no choice, because we had only few buses going that way. But I was glad, I did not become sick this time. I didn’t vomited either. We reached Ramechap at 8 PM and we were 5.

Next morning, we preached the gospel and distributed tracts inviting everyone to come and watch the film. Every one asked us what type of film it is. We told them that this film is about a man who sacrificed himself for the world to change it. If you missed this film you would probably not have chance to watch it again. Then they said, ‘this film must be very special’. So we arrange equipment in a public place. Town Board gave us permission and local football club also helped us because they knew Church Boys Football Club. People were packed; nearly 600 adult came to watch the film. We did not count the children. Many said that they have never heard the name of Jesus before.

Next morning, we had up to Kulumjor. They said it is only 2 hours. But we could not reach to the place even when we walked 6 hours. Our soldiers and feet were blistered. Hungry exhausted and tired. One sister who accompanied with us said to me, now I have began to understand what does it mean to say ‘doing ministry’. I was so glad she learned that. Unfortunately, we went to the wrong village. But children and women they came and helped us carry back to the film showing place up in the mountain. It was beginning to be dark. We power on generator. Slowly people began to come and there were almost 250 people. When film was over, heavy rain with thunderstorm began to fall. Praise God. All our equipments were safe.

We went to the bus stop in Ramechap at 9AM but did not see any bus going out. STRIKE. What to do now? Now hardest decision had to hug. Carry the load 12 hours or we would not reach Gelu. We carried the loads in sun heat in the hiki piki mountain with no food in the stomach.  When we reach the sleeping spot at 10PM, we were flat. Our bed was just ‘made in Gelu Straw mate’.

We were about to sleep. Two older men came to us and wanted to know more about Jesus. One of our Pastor Peter shared him about the gospel at 1 AM in the mid night and the witch doctor gave his life to Jesus.

Leadership Appointment

The Lord is working mightily in Ramechap, Kulumjor and in Gelu. Many souls are coming to the lord in these places. Please pray that we can appoint leaders over there that will take care of the flocks. We are looking for opportunity to ordain leaders in these respective places. We can’t just lay down our hands and ordain leaders and Pastors. There are some Biblical guidelines and criteria that each of us should fulfill. One pioneer leader is very good person in the Lord but he has two wives. And this was before he got saved. Another leader is very potential person in the Lord’s service but he still smoke secretly. There is a woman because of her unselfish work to the Lord many people came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior. But she is from lower cast and high cast does not want her to be a leader.

Let us go to the short story: Conversation with a girl that I met while ministering in the village.

Me: Oh what happen to your feet?

She: my mother beat me and broke my leg.

Me: Why? What did you do?

She: I did not tell my mother that I was going to Church. After service when I reached home, she tight me with rope and beat me with buffalo stick.

Me: You should have asked your mom?

She: I know she would not allow me. So I did not ask permission.

Me: That is so sad. What else she did to you as a disciple of Jesus Christ?

She: She was ready to beat me second time also but I ran away to jungle and to the cliff and hide myself for three days without food.

Me: were you not afraid of the animal at night while you were at the solitary places?

She: No. There was always some type of light at night around me.

Me: Oh, OK. What is your age now?

She: I am 17 now.

Me: Did not you go to the neighbor house for safety?

She: No. They won’t allow me either to enter their house.

Me: Why? Why can’t they accept you in their house?

She: Because I am from untouchable and low cast tribe.

Me: what does your mother say now?

She: She said- Your faith is stronger than my anger. I give up.

Where are our Churches (Congregations that gathers above 20 members)?

  1. Church in Dasami, in Pancther, East Nepal.
  2. Church in Domukha, in Jhapa, East  Nepal
  3. Church in Kerkha, in East Nepal
  4. Church in Inaruwa, East Nepal
  5. Pavitra Church, Makwanpur, Central Nepal
  6. Khusi Church, Makwanpur, Central Nepal
  7. Mahima Church, Makwanpur, Central Nepal.
  8. Shanti (Peace) Church, Makwanpur, Central Nepal
  9. Ramechap Apostolic, Central Nepal
  10. Kulumjor Fellowship, Ramechap, Central Nepal
  11. Gelu Fellowship, Ramechap, Central Nepal
  12. Apostolic Fellowship, Kathmandu


14 new people committed their life to Jesus and were baptized in water in Gelu. I come to understand that many people would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal lord and Savior if we spend some time ministering to them. They need Bible training. For this I need finance. I am praying to God to send me my assistant who would understand the laws of the ministry. Many leaders look for support but they do not do labor for the Lord. They do not wish to travel in difficult places. They do not wish to sleep in dusty floor. They do not wish to survive just in water. We don’t get everything in ministry. Ministry is not a job, it’s a calling. If we obey Jesus, we should go not where we want to go, but where Christ wants to send.

Congragetion Gathering Place and Racism

In Ramechap, a new larger place for worship service is needed. It has many reasons for this. But believers there do not have their regular income. So they can’t pay rent if they hire the room in this situation. Right now they gather in one of the house where wife is believer and husband is not. Wife welcome low cast people to her house but her husband do not. He says that Christianity is the religion of low cast and untouchable. So I have suggested the leader there to find common place where everyone can come and fellowship with each other. If any church that respect high cast and despise low cast is not a church at all. Church should be a common place. District of Ramechap has the high rank of cast system. So we should pray that Race Spirit should go away from the disciples’ house.

Racism, low cast culture and untouchable system have viruses the Christian communities in Nepal. This is not good. Paul said in Roman there is no difference between Jew and Greek, because they all have the same Lord, who gives richly to all who calls on Him. We have to teach disciple that we all are same. Last time I taught them about the work of Satan and baptism. This time I taught them about hospitality. And after that every one in the congregation wanted to give us room and food. This way they can reduce the expenses. In Nepali Church we have so many things to teach. I plan to have Bible School. Let us teach them what God’s will is. Church growth everywhere but hard to handle. Please pray that God will raise more leaders to carry on the work of God.

Prayers for Upcoming Events

Orphanage in Urlabari,

We are praying to God to provide us fund to clear the 5000 dollar due to land lord before 28 June 2011. Then we can construct the building for orphanage. Please click here to know more about the progress. Please pray earnestly for this. This is something I want to do for the sake of the poor, widows and the orphans that they may called it ‘home’. Let us share our love with them and shine like the sun. We are the only people that can reflect the compassion of God to them.

School in Dungdunge

We would like to start the school for poor and disadvantaged children who need to cross the big river and walk two hours to get to the school. If we build school we they would not have to put their life in risk. Please click here and go to Dungdunge School Document to know more about the school.

Bible School in August

Bible School is needed to train up new generation who would minister the gospel, start the church and grow the church. But we can’t train 12 person with just 100 dollar, we need 1000 $ and more and we can do it only together. In my life I have seen that in many places in Nepal there is not a leader who would lead all the works of the Church.

New Church in Kathmandu

We are praying to God to have another Church in west of Kathmandu. I request you to please join with us to pray for this if God wants us to start the Church there. You know that Bikas Magar, my long time assistant have moved to Matatirtha. And there are 16 souls living up there. Some new disciples are waiting for water baptism and other wants to help start and take care of the Church.

Finally, please write me back when you hear all these reports. It is not I who did it. It is God who did it and He can do it  through any human. I spent big deal of time just to bring this report to your computer. And also I put embeded code from Picasa and youtube and trying to put every thing in order like photos and links. How is it? I miss you a lot. I wish I meet you and spend time talking with you about the Lord’s work with hot coffee and a piece of cake. Photos download might have taken much time.

Once again, it is so nice to chat with you. Your words of suggestion are victory and your words of encouragements are valuable support. Nepal is waiting to hear the love of Jesus Christ. Let us not stay in home let us go out. Let us preach the gospel to every creature. Let us remember that returning of our Lord Jesus Christ is very near. Let us be in the Father business.  Why Jesus is delayed in coming back? Because God wants to see many saved and not perished.

Little and unworthy servant of our Lord Jesus Christ


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2011 March April and May Photos

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