New Motorbike

Posted on June 5, 2011


I want to exchange my motorbike, the only vehicle I have, for a better new one. New Motor Bike price is 3571 US dollar. Worth of my old bike is 2142 $. I needed 1428 $. I have 714 $ so I am praying for another 714 $. Then I can ride a brand new Motor Bike when I minister to villages and else where.
Benefits of Motorbike for me :
  1. I can go any where in Nepal at any time.
  2. Strike and Road blockade do not stop two wheels vehicle out side of Kathmandu while Buses are.
  3. With Motorbike I can climb any mountain when bus do not.
  4. Motor bike is easy, handy and relaxing while buses are crowded, exhausting, expensive and time-wasting. 
  5. Ministry that has excel the work is because of the Motorbike that I have used. 
Why I want to Exchange :
  1. I have rode 22000 Kilo Meter in just one and half year and is beginning to become old.
  2. There is a problem in the engine and if it fails in the middle of jungle and mountain I will have trouble getting back to repair place. I must avoid this.
  3. As it becomes old, it consumes much fuels.
  4. New Motorbike is good to travel and tension free. 
I know you have been supporting me for that I thank you with all my heart. I want to personally thank you for every single seed you have sown to the Lord’s work in Nepal. For me this is urgent need and there is no way I can turn. I stretched my hand to accept contribution of any amount. God’s richest blessing be upon you and your friends and family and your work and when you go out and when you come in. I have been doing all the ministry that you hear because of your prayer and support. Let us work together as a partnership in the gospel in Nepal and help me work too. 
Your co-laborer in the Gospel and God’s unworthy Servant. 
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