Reports of Tracts, School for Poor, New Converts and more from July/August 2011

Posted on September 17, 2011


Dear Friends

I am honored and thankful to everyone who prayed for me and for my ministry. In July and August, I stayed in Kathmandu with my wife and children. I spent my time my time reading books, Thompson chain reference Bible. I taught my wife and Children how to write email. I took them to the supermarket and they were so glad because children chose what they like.

I spend time praying for you and giving thanks to God for you. I visited my disciples, prayed for them, cast out demons and healed the sick. A man was miraculously delivered from a demon attack. His wife and children were terrified and afraid to stay with him. Now they are happy he is quite normal and going for a job.

Reuben I played with the children of the Church in Sunday school and the children loved me. I bought them sweets and the donuts and they were happy. I made phone calls to my leaders in the village and encouraged them in their service to the Lord. Every one desired toten thousand gospel tract printed have a teaching conference in their place for their disciples. I really enjoyed being in home with my family in this summer. Resting is really fun.

10000 tracts were printed; we printed ten thousand tracts. But these 10,000 tracts are booked. My pastors and local evangelist have asked me for these tracts. Now gospel is being preached in every corner of Nepal. We can’t go to all the places but these tracts will help us to show God’s love to them. With just your 200 US dollar we can print 10000 gospel tracts. We do not have money for printing. We would like to print more gospel tracts but we just don’t have money.

Sports ministry tour, we are going to make a sports ministry tour beginning from 22 September. We would be out of Kathmandu for nearly three weeks for friendly games and participating in sport events. During our play, our team and our volunteers will distribute tracts. We need 20,000 thousand gospel tracts (400 US $) Sports Ministry Tourimmediately. We want to see many people come to know the Lord. We would like to do evangelism but we need the resources. God will give this land to us if we really go out and preach.

New converts, 16 people accepted Jesus in our ministry in July and August in Nepal. We could not do much more, but we give thanks to the Lord for these precious new souls.

Bad News, One student of class 9 died in River; there is also sad news with this report. One brother who was studying in Class 9 was drawn in River while attempting to Cross the river. His body was found nearly 5 miles away from the drown spot. If we do not build school soon and run it, it can happen any time. I have some more news about  how children are going to School below.

Orphanage Building, we went to build the orphanage but there was continues rain which disturbed us workingNew Converts in Nepal on the field. We put dirt and flatten the ground for digging foundation but no avail. We tried to dig the hole for water pomp but it did not work. There was continues rain so we had to abandoned the work. But I want to thank you all for your sincere prayer. We shall resume the work from October. Please pray for this project since we need to trust God for every single Rupee. There is some project which demand team work and this orphanage project is one of them. We have 7 orphans that we should care for. Some need finances to continually go to School. We want to build this orphanage home as soon as possible so that we can bring these orphans in. Please remember this special project in your prayer and ask others to pray for this topic.

Children of DungdungeSchool in Dung Dunge.

There is no school in Dung Dunge, so children need to cross river and walk two hours to get to the school. When they come back home they are hungry, exhausted and tired. It is very difficult for little child of 6 years of age to walk two hours and cross the river. We are building school so that they don’t have to suffer like this. Our children need education. They are poor and they can’t afford to go to some expensive private school in the city. Dung Dunge is my native place and I want to see Children go to School in that village. Let us make this dream possible. I don’t want their life to be dark. Every night children study under the kerosene lamp. There is noSchool Child electricity, no market, no transport. They live under daily basic need. There are more than fifty children that need school. I met children and asked them what you would like to become, one said ‘I want to become a doctor’ other said ‘I want to become an engineer’. Every child has a dream. But they don’t know what A B C D is? We together can start the school and change the destiny of these children. Click on this child photo and it shall lead you to the group of Children who need School.

Let us see how children go to School in Dung Dunge. Chidren of Dung Dunge attempting to cross river

# Scene One, First of all, all students gather at the bank of the river. Wait until senior student has come. Remove your shirts and pants. Put them into a plastic bag. Make sure that water does not leak inside. Collect all of your books Shoesinto one plastic bag and tie it safe.

# Scene Two, Filled up air in Wheel’s Tube. There is no electric air filler. So you have to use your mouth to bubble it. Every one should try because one person air (breath) is not enough.

# Scene Three, Collect all your shoes into one rope. You can’t attempt to cross overwhelmingPlastic Bag of books and cloths river with your shoes on in your feet. You must take them off. Sew it like you make a garland.

# Scene Four, Put the little ones in the middle of the Tube for safety and others, just hold around on to the rope that is connected with the Tube.

# Scene Five, Now the experienced student goes first with the bag that have books and clothes. Now have to look very carefully as he makes the water trek. Now Tube team, follow the same route in order to avoid deep and powerful current.

Children of Dung Dunge # Scene Six, Now in the deep, be very careful, because with just one Tube 12 students have to cross it, and one’s little mistake can lead every one’s life in danger. All those with the tube should be balanced when they are in the center of the river.

Thank you for reading the Nepal report. God bless you. I wait to hear from you.

Please remember me and my family and my Pastors and leaders in your prayer. God is doing many wonderful things around us.

Once again, thank you for your prayer.

May your trouble be less, and blessing be more.

May nothing but happiness come through your door

Your brother in Christ

Reuben and Rita with Rosanna and Reuel

From ‘a rented house’ in Kathmandu

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