Prison Visit

Posted on January 16, 2012


Yesterday we had a beautiful and emotional moment in Prison in Dillibajar in Kathmandu. We spent 3 hours ministering them. I did not say any thing about any body as an announcement. We were 12 and we sang christian songs. It was a small block, Block B’. Small Hostel and so many prisoners. They sleep very close with each other. No sufficient beds. Some slept under the wooden bed. We use to play hide and seek under bed when I was small. There were about 125 people in that block and there are 7 Block in that prison. And there are 4 Centers in Kathmandu alone. Many young people ears were pierced. Many seems to be from 20-35 and in average 8 years of their life were spent in prison and much more to spend. Many sent me message for their families. We provided them food and meat. Christians books and Newspapers. Preached to them and comforted them. They listened very carefully. Many asked me to come and visit them. They told me to send the message how much they miss their family members. Many of them seems to realize that they did some thing wrong and did not understand their life and meaning. We spread the Christian materials upon the Table and they look to it. At the end I said this is for you guys you can have it and every body rushed to it and picked it up within 2 seconds. They are desperately hungry for some thing. They miss their family members and their loved ones so much. And I believe God misses them so much likewise. Some asked me if we have some copies of Bibles, I told them we finished it.
Cameras were not allowed there, including cell phone, atm card, memory card, citizenship card, metals. I can say with one word it was very very emotional moment for all of us there. I asked the In charge of that block what if we could give you books for your in-mates? Can you give us room for the Library? He was excited and said YES and as soon as room is extended we will go with books and newspapers for the Libraries.
I arrived in Kathmandu on 13th night, thank you all for your prayer. I will be going out again after a week or so. With other brothers to village to help build school for poor in Dungdunge.
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