New Motorbike

Posted on January 23, 2012


My Dear Friend

I have been praying for a new motorbike for many years. Motorbike is equal to a Car in USA. Motorbike helps me go Pulser 220 DTS-iaround Nepal and do evangelism work. The price of the Bajaj Pulser 220 dts is 250000 Nepali Rupees including paper work. In dollar it is 3125 US Dollar. Any one who is interested can send me their contribution. I don’t have that much money with me. I trust God for everything.  Here is the link

Bajaj Pulser 220 DTS-i

I can’t travel much in public bus. Nepal road is narrow and up and down. I always get sick and I throw out every thing. In this situation I can’t serve God with all my physical body. If I have motorbike I can serve well and I can go anywhere in Nepal. I don’t have to depend on Bus. Without your support I can’t buy this.

When you give motorbike, it is you who is helping me go around. I am waiting for some one who can bless me with this vehicle.

Transferring money is simple. You can go to any western union money transfer or its agent and make contribution payable to Tank Lal Rai. This is my citizenship name. Reuben is my Christian name. You can even make donation online by going to If you have any question about this please write to me in my email.


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