Reports of Orphanage, School and Church Building in Nepal from January 2012

Posted on January 26, 2012


Dear Brother

I am so glad once again to meet you with the reports from Orphanage, prison visit, and reports from the Churches. Your support and prayer has helped us to spread the gospel in Nepal and share God’s love in action. It is a privilege and honor for me to bring it to you. Thank you for standing with us through 2011.

Supporting two leader in Nepal Tibet border

We would like to support two leaders that are working in Nepal Tibet border. We have been there and we saw how much they labor for the gospel and in reaching out the mountain people and Tibetan people. We just want to encourage them. Supporting them 100 US dollar per month would be a great help to feed their family and do evangelistic work. Many Pastors and workers are self supported but these two need our helps. I know you have been doing so much for us and it is extra burden to find help for them but we can share this to others. Let us extend our ministry in Nepal Tibet border. Anyone can support them for 6 month, 9 month or 1 year.

Construction report from the Orphanage site

First of all, I want to thank God for providing us fund to pay the full price of the orphanage land. In two and half years we were able to collect almost ten thousand US dollar. This was amazing. I also want to thank to all my brothers and sisters who gave Nepal Orphanage 3 Jan 2012minimum of 50 Rupees, and also for collection of offerings from the churches, I look back to 2011 and I was really surprised to see on how much God did among us. I also want to thank to all laborers who worked voluntarily in the orphanage without any pay. Second phase to the work of orphanage completed. We did dig the foundation hole and rise up pillars and wall. Now we will collect again money for the third phase for the rooms and bathrooms. If we have more than 1600 US dollar we will again resume the work. Click here for Orphanage Photos.

Looking back 2011

Last week I looked back and I could not stop thanking God for the ministries and the lives touched. Serving God andSalman Jan 2012 His people through different types of ministries since 2005, starting from

  1. Evangelism and then
  2. Translation
  3. Sports Ministry
  4. Bible Distribution
  5. Church Planting in Kathmandu to
  6. Bible School
  7. Supporting of Pastors and Orphans children
  8. Gospel Tracts Printing
  9. Village Outreach and in 2011 we started
  10. Film Project Ministry
  11. Students Ministry
  12. School for Poor Children in Dungdunge and Special ministry
  13. Orphanage and we could start
  14. 16 Churches (Kathmandu-2, Makwanpur-5, Basamadi-1, Dasami-1, Kerkha-1, Domukha-1, Inaruwa-1, Ramechap-1, Gelu-1, Kulumjor-1, Urlabari-1), and do you know how many leaders we are? More then
  15. 40 Leaders from different ministries. I can’t count the numbers but thousands of peoples’ lives were touched and hundreds of people made decisions to follow Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. It would be a great sin not to give thanks to God. This was possible because of your prayer and financial Contribution. This was possible because of you. You are very special to us. Without your help we would not have come so far. I am so excited because why you know? Jesus just whispered in my ear and said you have not seen anything yet. You would see more. Just go.

Prison visit, Please click here to read Prison Visit report.

Sukraman Church needs Roof Jan 2012Roof needed for a Church in Makwanpur

Pastor Sukraman Praja who was beaten by a witch doctor and his friend 5 years ago is building a church in Makwanpur and needs a roof. Just 700 US dollar can help him get roof needed to fix his church. Some time ago I was in his church and I saw many people standing around the place because they did not had space to sit. They sleep in just a thin mattress and lots of mosquitoes where there. They don’t get different types of food there so whole year they have to eat is food made of corn. So if anyone or any group is interested to bless them with Church roof I know they would be comfortable.

School in Dungdunge

A group of young people are working on the construction of School in Dungdunge. I have shared so many times about the school in Dungdunge so I think everyone know about the situation there. We are collecting fund to buy Cement, Steel, Furniture, and other materials. We want to complete some rooms so that children can attend the classes. Children of 6 years and above crosses the big river and walks two hours to get to the school. When they are back they are tired hungry and exhausted. We build school so that they don’t have to suffer like this. Our little effort will help them get education just nearby their home and no need to walk so far like that.Dungdunge Children Jan 2012 We do not want to see any child being sweep away by river again. 7 young men have come from Nepal Tibet border and will be going to all the way to East Nepal to help build school in Dungdunge. There are morethan 50 people contributing their and labor for the school. They understand the importance of education.

Bibles in Annual Conference

We would be having our Annual Conference from February 28 and 29 in Makwanpur, please pray for this conference. This is the only place where I meet all my 16 Pastors and 40 Church leaders across Nepal. All leaders are coming from around Nepal and giving their testimony and ministry reports. But we need finances for food and travel expenses. We are not under any denomination all we have is you and the friends. We would like to bless our Leaders with Bibles. Please donate us Bibles. We need 160 Copies of Bibles in Nepali and the price for one copy of Bible is 3.5 US dollar with delivery to Conference place. 560 $ for Bibles, 625 $ for travel for 50 needy persons, 1500 $ for food for 300 people or there could be more. Total need of our annual conference could be 2685 Dollar. But we have nearly 1000 $ collected from offering and fees. We believe in God for the rest fund needed to encourage our workers, brothers and sisters in the Lord. You may have been aware that during our annual conference apart from Bible we distritbute cloth, blankets and shoes for poor brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Reuben Rai

Committed to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ through every medium possible from top of the world to all the way around since 1995.Jan 2012

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