Prison Program

Posted on May 24, 2012


My Dear Friend

I wanted to share one more report that I missed in April report. In February we had visited Dillibazar Prison and share the gospel with prison inmates there. We gave Bibles and tracts and some Christian magazine. We made friends with

Prison Ministry many and they were interested to learn more about Jesus. We also found some Christians there. It was small rooms with many inmates. Some did not get space to sleep so they slept under bed. We provided food and welcomed every one for the gospel song and message from the word of God. Camera, cell phone, sim card, credit card, bags were kept outside. So, no pictures. 

During our visit I was thinking if we could extend Library for the benefit of the prisoners inside the prison. And the leaders showed interest. Brother John Subba has been working in Prison and he is familiar with the authorities there. And we are working with him. We are planning to make a visit to Prison in July so you can pray with us and help us. We would like to put some chairs, table, book rack, bibles and Christian book and magazines as well as other famous books by good authors. 
This photo is me with Brother John Subba. We gave some materials to him for the prison. 

Another prisoner of Jesus Christ.  

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