Posted on May 26, 2014


Dear friend,
This is not a pleasant place to be here. Here you would hear the cry of the orphan and their need of the home. Here in Nepal, our orphanage is going to finish but we have some payment need to be made and I am praying to God for this. We have seven orphan and we would like to give our best to them. We all have home and bed but they don’t. We can’t change lives of all the orphans but we can re-destine their future.
Here are some brief info for the payment we need to make and asking God to provide us the needed fund. Please join with us.
Painting materials and painter 700 USD.
Steel bar in the steps 500 USD.
Electric bulb and fans 900USD. 
7 Steel double (hostel) bed and mattress 900 USD. 
I have no where to turn and I do hope in God for every thing. Please continue to pray for our need in the orphanage. Single dollar is thankfully welcomed. 
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