Prayer for Anita who has breast cancer

Posted on June 15, 2014


Anita Campaign

My Dear Friend

Love and greeting to you in the most precious name of our Lord saviour Jesus Christ. You are in our heart with prayer and we pray for you regularly and ask God to bless you more as you serve Him and His people. We pray that all your prayer might be answered and your wish fulfilled for the glory of God our father.

In this email I would like to bring a petition for a dear sister of ours in the faith who desperately need your consideration of prayer and support because she is dying with breast cancer. Here is a brief information about her current condition.

Religious Background: She is age 40 and accepted Jesus Christ at the age of 30 and committed member of Jewan Church where Shivraj Dhimal pastors the Church. She is never married and is single. She has been abandoned by her family and relatives just because she accepted Jesus Christ and now living alone for her whole life. Living alone is very difficult in persecuting culture for believing Christian like in Nepal, especially for woman.

Cause: She had been diagnosed with breast cancer recently and she asks your fervent prayer and monetary support to remove the chemo.

If you are led to donate money for her breast cancer operation and would like to contribute toward her medical expenses, you can donate fund to her account directly or contact me for further information:

Patient: Anita Kumar Dhimal

Profession: Domestic Helper

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