Caring for Orphans

Posted on September 7, 2014


My Dear Friend
A warm Christian greeting from Kathmandu Nepal. I think of you very often and do pray for you for God’s best in your life and family and circle of friends. You have played a vital part in establishing a prominent ministry in Nepal. From a handful of disciples in 2003, we have grown to more than a dozen ministries, including more than 40 leaders and sixteen Churches in Nepal and we are still growing. You are our partner, you have made it. This is for you. It’s because of God’s favor and because of you, we are here today and we give glory to God for you. Among them one of the ministry is orphanage. I want to share a verse it says:

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means
Caring for Orphans
James 1:27 NLT


Image of an orphan

The World’s biggest problem is the rising amount of orphans. The Muslims, Hindu’s and Buddhists has many plans to address this issue, but the Church often choose to turn a blind eye to this upcoming viral problem.

May be God is calling you also to help a few orphans in your community by doing your small part in helping to change the life of one needy orphan, me to wants to do it. Let us work together to help change our world. If you are interested to start helping a children’s home or sponsor and orphan somewhere else, please consider helping us because are putting every thing to help the helpless, like you.

There are still more areas to help. You can support them financially, you can send them materials and school supplies, or you can pray for them. Partnership principle is working together to fulfill same goal. Our goal is to change the destiny of a Child who needs our help today. Every where Paul establish Churches, he also strove to make a bond relationship of giving and receiving with the Churches.
We are asking God to give us fund for food, lodging, clothes, school fees and supplies. We need 100 dollar per month for one child and we have four child and two coming soon. We need your help. Please know that I personally do not have any intention to write email like this and bother you, but I have to, for the sake of orphans that send to us.
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Thank you Thank you Thank you