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Posted on December 28, 2014


This is Reuben writing a blog about Suman Sunar.

Suman Sunar

Suman Sunar when we first met

I heard him say ‘Salt and Light’ most of the time when he meets any Christian. I see him always talking about Jesus Christ with people in the street, shop, home, in market, or in farm. But to Christian whenever he meets them, says we have to become ‘Salt and Light’ to others. He has got something he wants to tell out. Recently I went to his village in Babiyachaur, Mygadi 12 hour’s bus drive toward west from Kathmandu. I meet Suman in Prison in Bhimphedi for the very first time in 2012 when we had our regular Prison Ministry Visit. Later on, he was transferred to Nakkhu Zail in Kathmandu, where we had frequent visit.

Suman is now 25 years of age and he spent his 9 years in Prison while found guilty on robbery. He was released in last 4 October 2014 and spends few days with us before he moved to his home to meet his Mother. Please allow me to share some thing about him.

Suman got married when he was 14 years of age, his wife then just running at the age of 13. He is from untouchable (Dalit) caste but married an inter caste girl. Girl’s party became furious and beat him and threw him in the bush, thinking he was dead. He has two other young brothers and they had a Jewelry shop where he and his father work. He had Motorbike which was a dream of every household. They had plenty of land in many places.

With local Christian friends. This place is 2550M in elevation. From here you could see most of the tallest mountain

With local Christian friends. This place is 2550M in elevation. From here you could see most of the tallest mountain

His mother in-law had problem with someone. She called Suman and shared that he work for her plan. She asked Suman to kill someone. She said you are now my son and do this for me and I will give you 5, 00,000 Rupees. He rejected the plan but she insisted. He shared the idea to one of his friend and his friend asks how much is his share going to be if he join in the plot. Three of them, Suman, his brother, and his third friend, went to that woman house. They cut the Electric wire to the house and broke the main door and intrude, and beat them. They didn’t murder. On return, their friend took some gold, cash and Erring of which Suman and his brother didn’t have any idea. They came to the Suman’s Mother In-laws house and asked for 5, 00,000 Rupees, which she refuse to give. They became mad and fled away to other town, leaving their motorbike in one of their friend’s house. He told his wife he is going to other town to buy Jewelry Machine.

When they return to the town where they had beaten a woman and her daughter, he was arrested by civil cop, in the motorbike service center, and police took him to the station.

When the night fall, He was very afraid that he peed in the paint. Police took away every piece of clothes and began to beat him. Many sticks were broken, he was kicked one corner to the other. You could see all those scarce even after 10 years. There is no hair in some areas of his head. Later on, soon, his brother and his third friend was also arrested.

Suman Family

Suman Sunar (at left, standing tall) and his family. His Mother at second from the right.

When he told Police it was originally some ones idea, not theirs, Cop grabbed his mother in-law also and put her in custody. She was beaten too by woman police. She begged Suman, saying, please don’t tell the truth. Please save me. When I am released, I will for sure take you out of this prison.

He accepted all the faults before the judge and the woman was released. Suman said to his mother in-law, Mom please take us out because my wife, your daughter, needs me and my son who is just 7 months old needs me. She said you bastard you are going to be rotten in this prison. You son of sarki (dalit’s caste) you can’t come out. Your life finish. You will die here. Suman became mad. He made an oath in front of her, saying, when I come back, I will cut your feet and head and I will throw your body to this river. Verdict came, he was sentenced for 16 years for robbery case, not murder. He didn’t have lawyer and his father could not deposit 50, 000 Rupees to the court or else he could have release on bail.

On the way to Zail from court, he lost all his hope and tried to commit suicide by jumping off the Suspension bridge to the Myagdi river in summer.

Suman in Church service

Suman with Tamborin in the prayer meeting at night. He is teaching others how to sing.

Back in village, his mother and father was separated. Two sons, first (Suman) and second (Birendra) were in Zail. Suman’s wife runs away with other man, leaving their 7 month old son in the road. She didn’t have any hope either and 16 years seems her life’a span. Someone sow the crying child in the road side and picked him up. Their Jewelry shop was closed, father became depressed and drunkard. Mother became Psychopathic.  Every one in the village began to hate them saying this is a criminal house, no talking with them. They even threw stone on their home. Once happy house, turned into a solitary grave. Suman was brought to Kathmandu, and then to Bhimphedi where I meet him in 2012.

When I met Suman with other friends in Prison in Bhimphedi, near Hetauda, south from Kathmandu, he was wearing fine white thin full sleeve t-shirt. He was spiritually new born baby. He was changed person. He had accepted Jesus Christ after hearing the gospel in prsion. He was singing very loudly but I could hear he’s missing some words. He was not familiar with Christian songs. In prayer, he broke in tears and prayed for everyone who did him wrong, he prayed for restoration of his family. He looked fine. We ate food together, shook hands and hugs.

He was brought to Nakkhu Prison in Kathmandu in 2013. He made handmade Bamboo Chair in prison and sold. We often did meet him and other fellow offenders, and give away Bibles and musical equipment. He told us that there is a chance of release on the auspicious occasion of Bijaya Dasami, the great festival of Nepal, like Pontius Pilatus in Mathew 27:15. I told him, no you said you have two more years in Prison? Even after cutting the grace period. Yes indeed, he was released in October.


Suman Sunar is happy that God gave him new life with new dreams. He is just happy to be where he is. White Mountain behind him World’s 7th Highest Mountain with 8167M.

He came to us, after release. He found that his son is somewhere in Kathmandu in one of the Children home. I told him first of all you have to go to your village and meet your parents and other members. He did. Her mother could not believe what she’s seeing. She burst in tears. She touched his head, ear, nose, and hands and asked Suman to sleep with her like a little baby. She was seeing her lost son.

Bamboo Stool

This is the Bamboo Chair, that Suman wants to start as a business. We should pray and help him financially to restart his life once again. With 1500 US dollar he can have fine business to run his life again.

He said sorry to her mother that he made her cry for Nine years. He also said that he is now a changed person. He has found reason to live. He knew the mystery of true happiness, now Jesus is lord of my life, He is guiding me. He went to meet his ex wife and said you don’t have to be afraid of me. She was bowing her head all the way he talked because of shame and fear. He said, I just come here to forgive you and wish you a good life. I don’t come here to embarrass you. He also met his mother in-law, he said, I have come to forgive you. I don’t come here to cut your leg. I just come here to meet you to say that I am now a follower of Jesus Christ. Past is past, I am a new person. He was surprise to see that all people who hate him and throw stone to his house is behaving good with him. Everyone in village and in town is speaking about him.

Suman is a like a bird who spend his precious 9 years in cage. He have wings but can’t fly. He is trying to restart his life. He has no money, no food, broken house, he is trying to fix everything now. He is the one who invited us to his village and we were there during this Christmas. It was a blessed trip. His village is below the Dhawalagiri Himal (8167M), 7th highest peak in the world. On our way back to Kathmandu, he came to town’s bus stand to say us good by. I ask him, what you want to do now. I want to start Bamboo stool again and I want to see a church in my place. If anyone out there wants to make a difference by showing financial seed, Suman could be the right person. Now it’s our time to become ‘A Salt and Light’.






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