December-January 2015 Ministry report

Posted on February 5, 2015


Welcome to my December 2014 and January 2015 Ministry report

Urlabari is really cool place.

In this building, 4 Orphans, 2 girls and 2 boys stay and go to School. There are two staffs who look after them 24 hours. If we have not rescued these four orphans they could go anywhere else, they could be mistreated and exploited with no love, proper clothes and care.

Orphanage in Nepal

Orphanage in Nepal

Reuben eating dinner with orphans, its not enough but we are happy for what the Lord has provided us.

I want to thank all for praying and supporting for my dream which is having a home for orphans where they can be taken care, admitted to school and raise them in God’s way. This dream has come to reality since July 2014 with four orphans at the start. We have not able to add more kids due to our limitation of fund and rooms. House is partly completed and still much has to be done. But thanks to all for being a part of this great project.

With friends in Myagdi

With local Christian friends. This place is 2550M in elevation. From here you could see most of the tallest mountain

With local Christian friends. This place is 2550M in elevation. From here you could see most of the tallest mountain

I had privilege to visit Suman Sunar village in Myagdi. Suman was arrested in murder case where no one was died. He spent 9 years in prison where he found the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and savior. Right after his release he invited us to his village where we met some Christian leaders who treated us very well. I had privilege to share message on Christmas.

 Believers in Church in Myagdi

Church in Myagdi

Believers in Church in Myagdi gather for Church service

Christians in Nepal is growing rapidly from Mechi to Mahakali despite government’s carelessness towards Christian rights and demands. Right now, since the fall of the unsuccessful attempt to write down constitution radical Hindus are demanding demolition of secular state and banning Christian activities from Public. But just as the Bible says ‘Gates of hell shall not prevail against it’ it is continually growing and we must all remember to pray for Nepal.

Annual Pastors meeting and ordination

Pastors laying on of hands to newly appointed Pastors.

Pastors laying on of hands to newly appointed Pastors.

We had blessed meeting with our Pastors  in Kathmandu during our annual pastors gathering. We ordain Pradip Rai for a Pastoral position and Pratap Tamang in Elder position. We heard the reports of the Pastors and Church leaders and we really thank God for everything he has done.

Children from Urlabari for the conference

Children of Nepal

It is always good to see the Children that you care the most. I called these precious children to Kathmandu. They are part of everything I do. God bless.


Children from orphanage in Urlabari were able to visit Kathmandu for the very first time with their caretaker. It was very difficult for the kids to travel in Bus. 3 out of 4 vomited all the way. I wanted them to see how the conference looks like in Kathmandu. They were very happy and enjoyed much. Many of our people in the churches showed love toward them.

New Disciples

New Soul being added to the Church

A girl surrendering her life to Jesus.

One girl accepted Jesus Christ in the Annual Pastors meeting but the total people who gave their life to Jesus in 2014 were more than 60 people from our Churches and 45 new converts were water baptized. We could not do much but we are thankful for this 60 souls. God is good.

Government Donation of Solar Power to our School in Dungdunge

Sana Tara Community School, Dungdunge, Ilam, Nepal

Aid for the Sana Tara Community School from the government and NGO

We received grand donation of Solar Panel to give light to Sana Tara Community School in Dungdunge, Ilam. Local prices for the electric material might cost 1200000 Rupees, nearly 12000 US dollar. Children can learn from TV and computers but we do not have tv and computers. We have been running this school with our own internal resources and need more partner to bring education among the poor children.

Football in Phidim

Sports Ministry in Nepal

Sports Ministry in Nepal, we are using sports to communicate our faith.

We participated in football in Phidim in early January. Our aim is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of sports and we have been seeing many result from this. We need sports materials. People are coming to know the Lord Jesus through this ministry.

We the team, Churches Network Nepal, aka Church in Nepal

Pastors and their wife

Pastors and their wives pose for a group photo in 10th Annual Pastors Meeting in Kathmandu January 2015. Some are missing here.

Churches Network Nepal is being led by Mr. Reuben Rai along with other 40 plus leaders, they include, Pastors, Evangelists, Elders, Sunday School teachers, Youth leaders, Women fellowship leaders, School teachers and orphanage staffs. And these team covers Bible School, Translation works, Bible distribution, Jesus Film, Orphanage, School for poor. Rita Rai and Reuben, that’s me, run guest house service for visitors and run travel agency in Kathmandu. Ten years ago, Rita and I dropped out our kids from the School just because we could not pay Rosanna’s fee of 180 Rupees, that’s less than 2 US dollar now and we were struggling and to find food for the Children. Our children picked up fallen noodles from the street and ate. Our heart broke, we cried. God is good. He turned our mourning into joy. I will put all these ten years of our ministry in picture soon and make it online so that others can read and glorify God.

Annual Pastors Meeting

Talking with leaders about ministry issues. I personally am grateful for all the leaders and Pastors in Ministry without them we would have not done anything.


God has a wonderful purpose for your life, please find and fulfill it. Make your life meaningful to the world. Serve God and His people.

May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you His favor and give you His peace. Number 6:24-26 TLB.


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