You can save girls and children from being trafficked

Posted on July 14, 2015


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We research and find out that some program can be helpful to keep children and girls in safe place from being trafficked. Here is small plan for the sake of helpless and victims of Earthquake who are staying in tents in many parts of central Nepal in the mountain zone. Please ponder this document and let us do something for God and for His people. Jesus said they

Reuben Rai talking with Children from Samsetu where 23 Christian died in Church collapsed in Earthquake

(poor) always be here so that we can minister to them.

Here we go: ..

Situation in Nepal after the Earthquake

Three major Earthquake in Nepal, first on 25th April, triggered landslides, homelessness and much suffering to the people of Nepal, which forced them to leave the village for safety, at least for 6 months. Nearly 9000 people died in this earthquake, making many disable and thousands of houses into ruins. Nepal is poor and it does not have enough money to rebuild the houses or help the people to come back to their normal life.

Problem caused by Earthquake

Nepal is beautiful with its plain in the south, high mountains in the middles and Himalayas peaks at the north. They said that great Himalaya was created as a result of Indian plate moving northward hitting the vast Tibetan fault. This recent earthquake came right in the middle of mountain and Himalaya in Nepal. Thousands of families move from their ancestral place to avoid more landslides and floods and relocated to near the towns, without running water, electricity, sleeping facilities in an insecure surroundings.

One of the major problems for the Earthquake settlers is insecurity of their children in the newly camped locality from the preying traffickers. Traffickers come in the form of job provider or helper and they entice them saying we are going to provide job to your children or send them to school in our care and responsibility free off course and the parents believe them and send them away believing that they would return home with wealth and educated person. These children are taken to unwanted places for the work they hate and the girls are taken to dance restaurants in cities or across the border and sold to brothels.

Major project that could help

Two young teenage girls age around 13-15 age learning how to use cell phone in Jharlang in Dhading

We have been continually thinking about how to help them stay safe and be near to their guardian is to put teenagers in Church and help them learn the Bible for quite a time like two months. They will not be moving to their village during the summer, July August and part of September simply because it’s just not safe to be in the village where there are thousands of cracked line in the land. And to children, we can sponsor them to go to School while parents find the work and help the need of the family. If they are orphans we need to give them our full financial support for their school fees and food.

So, what kind of help we are looking to?

Bible College and supporting children whose parents are dead can relieve the vulnerable kids and youth to stay in safe. We want to start Bible College and put teenagers girls and boys and help them learn the Bible for one month or two month time and when Bible College is over after two month they can go back to their village and start to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to fulfill great commission. We will try to help them financially so that they can buy food. Organizing this type of Bible College and plan to keep them safe depends on people like you who would sponsor for Bible training. We are looking for partners who would have the same vision to protect them and help them understand the Bible and what God wants them in their life. We can’t help everyone but we can help 100 people come and learn the Bible with us and we pray and believe that this will change their life forever.

There are estimated to be 600-700 Christian died in this Earthquake when church collapsed and most of those people abandoned those places in fear of landslides. We can help those orphans go to school whose parents died in Earthquake.

Prayer needed for Bible School and sponsor for orphan children

We need your prayer for Bible School where girls and boys from Earthquake zone can come and learn the Bible and we need fund to help orphan children to go to school. Both group needs fund.

Expenses of the Bible College and the Children of Earthquake

Save girls from being trafficked. Perpetrator and traffickers disguised as relief worker lure into villages and entice parents offering good job and money for their girls. Later on their where about is unknown.

Save girls from being trafficked. Perpetrator and traffickers disguised as relief worker lure into villages and entice parents offering good job and money for their girls. Later on their where about is unknown.

One Bible College students expenses could be 70 dollar per month for food, 20 dollar for sleeping facilities and 10 dollar can be used for stationary share the electricity bills or perhaps share to pay to the cook. So if one students expenses is 100$ per month than 100 students could be 10,000 dollar.

One child needs 600 dollar to 1000 dollar depending on school standard for a year for school admission and supplies, food and shelter.

What would this program do?

Bible verse is right.  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Rom 8:28.

This program not only going to keep them safe from traffickers or bad people, this time they spend learning the bible and seeking God’s will which is going to change their life forever, which also helps in fulfilling great commission.

But the children whose parents died in Earthquake, we can help them go to school by paying their school fees, providing them food and home. We will help reshape their life now and future.

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