A woman with no leg

Posted on August 7, 2015


A woman with no leg
By Reuben on 31 May in Kathmandu

Parvati Shrestha, 32, wife of Bijay, always wanted to be Mary who wanted to know more about word of God and wanted to serve the Lord. She attended Bible colleges hoping that she would become a good church leader in the future. They did not have any financial source; they did not have any land, just a small house. Like Aruna Lama song, Life don’t go like you think, they have debt and it was growing with interest, so life really didn’t go ahead like the song. Bijay and Parvati needed to separate for time being, Bijay flew to Malayasia dreaming that one day they both will be serving God and Nepali people, Parvati stay back in village with their only son, Isaac, in Sunkhani, in Phulpingkatti-9, Sindhupalchowk.

April 25 was the black Sunday for their dream life. Like Parvati, all of the disciples of Jesus went back to home when Church service concluded at 9 AM. They had 7 AM meeting in Church whose wall was built by stones. She had a sewing machine and she helped community with her skill. She was cutting the clothes and suddenly her home start to shake vehemently. She knew it that it was an earthquake. She grabbed her little Isaac and tried to run for safety. Her home was in Steepy place and the stones that rolled from the mountain overtook her and Isaac. She was fallen, she saw another woman already fallen in her path and saw struggling for her final breath, she died while looking at her. She tried to wake up but she could not, she was hit by huge stones which she did not know where it came from, it was like swift bullet. Stone fall so fast, hit her leg and disappeared. She was bleeding, her boy was crying. Her son’s foot was torn in pieces, mud and rocks in cut and it was bleeding. Little Isaac was crying because of the pain. She handed Isaac to her uncle but she was left alone. There were many died bodies around her. Those were her friends at night. 12 hours night was the 12 thousand years for her. Parvati was at the bottom of the mountain in open field for two days, she was bleeding 24 hours, with no water, food, or pain-killer. She gave up, her hope died. No rescue, no hospital, nothing. After two days, Helicopter landed nearby and she was airlifted to Nepal Medical College in Jorpati, Kathmandu where she is now. Doctor told her that her both legs below her knees have been totally damage, with all her bones, veins and flesh. Doctor cut her both legs and now in hospital and she doesn’t know what future holds for her. Next day she was rejoined with her son Isaac. Isaac left feet three fingers has been removed.

Bijay saw the 7.9 Rector scale Earthquake in TV in Malaysia. He was nearly broke and could not believe what he heard. He wanted to come home right away on 25 April and take his dear wife to hospital, was stranded to die. He asked emergency leave in his office but the office boss was so damn blind he just said, every things going to be fine, stay here, work we are just going to increase his salary. Bijay give up his salary and flew to Nepal to be his wife.

Their dream life has been damage. She says only God keep her alive even while she was bleeding for two days. I ask her what can we do for you and she said I am concerned with my son that he will be able to study well.

Please pray
By Reuben Rai, tankrai@gmail.com, Call 977-985-101-2105

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