Story of Man Bahadur BK who died in Earthquake

Posted on August 7, 2015


Man Bahadur Bika
By Reuben on 8 June in Barhabise, Sindhupalchowk

Man Bahadur was a very laborious man in Emmanuel Church in Samsetu in Gumtang, Sindhupalchowk. He had four children and all of them girls. Man Bahadur could not educate his children in good school so at the very young age when their daughter was 18 years old, needed to go abroad for finding a job to help her father maintain the family, its normal now in Nepal but girls leaving the family and going abroad is not well accepted in Nepali culture because there has been many cases of rape, murder and humiliation to women in gulf. Man Bahadur work in Kut system in Landlord’s field for many years. This is the system where the person who rent the land agrees to pay certain amount of crops to the field owner despite the result how much they can harvest. Today Man Bahadur is no more and all the responsibility to feed the family members are on the shoulder of Misiri Bika, the wife of Man Bahadur, who is sick and needs medicine to survive. She was in Earthquake free medical camp today, to check up her chest pain. She can’t go to hospital because she doesn’t have money for the check up, treatment and for medicines. Although her first daughter is in gulf today she feels difficult to lead her family. Man Bahadur is dead, leaving his weak wife with greater responsibility to look after the four girls. She is looking for donors who can help her three children go to school today. She would be much grateful for all of her life if she could find support for her School children.

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