Story of the Orphans

Posted on February 5, 2016


Hi, These are the story of the Orphans journey to us. I hope it is a blessing to you. Read and Pray.

Sarmila Tamang, 

Name: Sarmila Tamang

Name: Sarmila Tamang

Sarmila Tamang is a 6 years old girl from Danda Gaun VDC in Rasuwa, north from Kathmandu. She was studying in Class 1 of government School in the remote mountain village. She has 1-year-old sister called Hissi Dolma. Their father, Bal Bahadur, and Mother Chandra left home for the Jungle in the morning to collect wood for fire. It was the day, 25th April in which date Nepal witnessed 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake at 11:55 AM. 

They both were in the high mountain when the massive Earthquake started to shake Nepal. They tried to flee but there was no safe place to take refuge. They were taken, tossed, hit and overthrown by the rolling huge landslide and were buried under the Earth. Their body was never to found. 
Back in home, Sarmila and Hissi Dolma, were left alone in the house, no one else to take care of them and to cook and feed them. Their life uncertain, love not guaranteed and no house. 
A week later, a kind woman, by the name of Tula Maya, approached them and keep them both under her care. When we visited them they were under the plastic tent near the river. For days, they did not eat food because of the loss of their father and mother and the shaking was so huge and real and fearful they did not sleep for days. We prayed for them and ask the Lord to provide them what they need in their life.
Today, their life is changed some how. They have food to eat, and uniform to wear and go to School every day. She has care taker and a life to go on. She don’t have to worry about food and cloth and school because of you.
But still lives under the tent.
Jesus said, Truly I tell you, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to the messiah will certainly not loss their reward. Mathew 10:42
Written by Reuben
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