Images of damage done by the Flood in Nepal

Posted on September 1, 2017


All images are real, collected from the different sources.


Children dead from the flood when house fall on them.


Innocent children dead when the house they slept was wet due to continues rain, it collapsed and kill them all.


Electric Pole is falling in the river in Terai, causing blackout to millions people.


Hotel premises in Nepal’s tourist place, Sauraha, under siege by the flood water. Tourists were moved to safer place.


Sauraha, hub for the Jungle Safari in Chitwan Nepal


A car is no use and abandoned by its owner, damage of the flood.


Elephant on rescue in Sauraha in Chitwan as the tourist wait for the rescue.


An unknown body is brought to rice field from the unknown place


A body of a girl child found in debris as the river is dried.


A woman with new-born baby await for the relief and rescue in Chitwan.


Farmer’s only food is damage by the flood water. They rely on donor for food now. Please help them directly.


A couple in despair after their home is filled with flood water in Chitwan.


Home in the flood with some house people. They can’t sleep well at night in fear of the more flood.


A home and the Toilet together in the flooded area in Nepal

Please pray for the supply to come to the flood victims and send fund directly to the victim’s family or anyone you know and trust.

This is public request on behalf of the needy.


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