Prison Ministry in Nepal

Posted on April 2, 2018


Thank you so much for all your support. We had awesome month in January 2018. We visited Prison and gave away blanket to inmates. It was cold in winter and the blanket helped them stay warm in the dark cell, to the men and women inmates. We know its not much but giving is giving and giving from the heart matters.

Our friends from US and Nepali team were there. Word of the Lord says ‘remember them those who are in prison.’ Hebrew 13;3. In another verse it says, ‘I was in prison and you visited me, these Bible verse inspired us to visit our brothers and sisters in prison.

Here are some photos from Prison Ministry in Nepal, I hope you would like it very much.

Photo 1 Blanket Distribution

Prison Ministry in Nepal 2018 Feb 21

Preparing to give away blankets to prison inmates in Nepal, there were 290 inmates but we had limited pieces of blankets and we gave away to the ones who was in need.

Photo 2 Preaching the good news of Jesus Christ before the distribution of blankets

Prison ministry in Nepal 2018 52

Brother Jewan sharing his experience in prison inmates, he had 20 years sentence but stay around 10 years only. Good thing about his life in prison was he heard the gospel there and his life was changed forever. He is leading hundreds of people to the Lord through his life and testimony.

Photo 3 Inmates hearing the good news of Jesus Christ in Prison. 

DSC_0039 (2)

Your prayer that’s what I need.

I have been praying for and visiting inmates in Prison and I always look for ways to how I can best help them relocate to their new life in Christ. I myself was put into prison while arrested when preaching the gospel just before the dawn of democracy in Nepal in 1991-92 and still many people have put their life in prison simply because they can’t stop sharing the good news. Perhaps you can help me reach inmates with God’s love in words and in deeds. What I need is the Bibles, Blankets, Medicines, Sports Supplies, Food and fund to make travel arrangements.

I would like to hear that you are praying for us.



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