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Posted on June 26, 2018


This article is prepared for Barry Neal and Papa Perry for their help in contributing Messenger Bible Radio


I received 17 pieces of Messengers and it was really good-looking. It was in compact design, small with lots of feature in it. Thank you to Mr. Barry Neal for Messenger Radio, and to my Papa Perry for introducing me to Mr. Barry.

  • It has Bibles in it, Nepali and English.
  • English Messages included.
  • FM Radio.
  • LED Torch Light, helpful when you hike through the night, Nepali have house churches at night.
  • Earphone and charger.
  • Micro SD Card.

Sujan receiving Messenger Radio. Rita Rai is handing over messenger Radio to Sujan Chepang in his home village in Makwanpur, in central south Nepal. Sujan is serving homeless and orphan children in Makwanpur. Sujan now leads a small group of new converts and children in Makwanpur to faith. He is building new Church there. Help is needed.

Rita helps Reuben in Ministry, in Reuben’s absence Rita travels around the country, visiting Pastors, learning the situations of Children that they support and take care, and encouraging believers. Rita and Reuben, both of them, minister in Churches together. Recently, Rita took a Church Mission team and visited the Churches, handing out the messengers to Pastors in remote places in Makwanpur.


One of the indigenous leader, Sujan, in Makwanpur, in central south Nepal. Listening to the Messenger Radio in earphone. This Messenger Radio were donated by Mr. Barry Neal, from US.


Pastor Bishnu of Makwanpur listening to the Messenger Radio. Thanks to Mr. Barry for making it possible to listen to the Audio Bible. It was distributed to Church leaders for free.


Pastor Chitra of Sarikhet, Makwanpur, who now serve the lord in the suburb of Hetauda, unfolding the packet of Messenger Radio. Messenger is a useful gift to the Pastor who minister in villages.


Going to such villages in summer is not easy and comfortable. You may not know when it rains and river is flooded. You go to the mountain and when you return its overflowed. People who carried Messenger Radio, face the flooded river the next day they were suppose to return.


Many small groups of believers live in Mountain villages, where they grow Corn, weather is hot and sweaty, but the missionary team never get tired of worshiping the Lord.


Reuben Rai listening to In Touch Messenger in Nepal. He immediately like the message from the beginning.


Pastor Purna and Pastor Gopal listening to the In Touch Messenger which has whole Bible in it, in eastern part of Nepal.


Pastor Shivraj Dhimal listening to the In Touch Messenger in Jewan Church in Nepal.


Pastor Paul Chaudhary fixing the wire to listen In Touch Messenger Radio in Nepal. Paul serves among the dalit and untouchable groups in Terai region in Province no. 1 in Nepal.

Special thanks to Mr. Barry Neal from USA for contributing the Messenger Radio. We hope you will give us more of these items to be use in gospel in Nepal.

Thank you


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