You are the Light of the World

Posted on July 10, 2018


According to NLT, Jesus said, You are the Light of the world–like a city built on a hilltop that can’t be hidden. Mathew 5:14.

When I was a Child, I really liked the stories that Jesus shared with His disciples. They were very meaningful and carried enormous clues. Are people believing in Jesus do really have become the light of the world?

I would like to show you something we have been doing. We have running free class for poor children and after the class we provide them food.

Free Class for poor and disadvantaged Children who can’t afford to go to big and expensive school.

Currently, classes are being run by Rosana, as volunteer, she is studying in Bachelor in Science, in Kathmandu.

Rosana Rai from Kathmandu

Numbers of Children vary according to time and season. During close to exams, children of ages 4-14 attend the free class, from play group to Class 8 Children come and learn free of charge. They ask anything that is not clear to them.


Children Learning in Free Class in Kathmandu. From play group to Class 8, they come five days a week to study and whatever is not clear, they ask to the teacher.


These are the shoes of the students who come to the church to do their homework.


After each class is over, they are eating meal together. Food are provided free of charge for these Children.


A boy doing homework in the free class. Students who can’t attend expensive school can come and join here. They are helped free of charge in their education.


Large number of students coming and studying. They ask to their teacher anything they don’t understand. Teacher is volunteer.


Students eating meal after the class is over. This free class is providing food to anyone who is coming to the class despite of race, religion as a social work.


We do this because we love them. We remember the word when Jesus said you are the light of the world. We are teaching and giving food freely to them.

We have been trying to become salt of the Earth and Light of the World. Please join with us as we reach and help the needy Children.

May God bless you.

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