Showing Jesus film is like people walking on the way in Emmaus. Emmaus is where their eyes were open to see the risen Lord Jesus Christ. We launch film project ministry in 2010 and we have already reach more then ten thousand people in different parts of Nepal.

Project Emmaus is run by the generous donation of God’s people. Fund is needed to travel as well as for food and to purchase different technical items. Right now there are three member team in film showing program.

This is how we carried film equipment

Mr. Reuben Rai as National Director, Mobile 9803268004

Mr. Salman Rai as Regional Coordinator, Mobile 9808095729

Film Project Ministry is stopped for the month of June July and August to avoid unwanted hazards to the electrical equipment.

We are praying and collecting donation to purchase another set of film equipment so that we can go to west Nepal. West Nepal is un-reach place for the gospel. Many people have not heard the gospel yet.

Our need for new film showing set.

1. Projector, Projector has been provided by Brother Phil Dean and his Church.

2. Power Generator

3. Computer

Jesus Film Showing in mountain

4. Sound Box

5. Mixture

6. Curtain

7. Digital Camera

8. Wires and miscellaneous

If you want to be a part of this evangelistic team, please let us know. You can be a partner by praying and by contributing to this needy project.

Film showing Program in Nepal

Project Emmaus have been started in 2011 after long prayer of faithful saints. People are interested in different types of presentation according to country and culture. So is Nepali people interested in looking to films.

All the equipment in the film are donated by faithful disciples who wants to see people get saved but they themselves can’t go. You want to do God’s work but can’t leave home because of your job? You want to join but you can’t because you have limited fund? You can be a part of this film showing program by prayer and sending your precious financial seed.

Film Set up

Project Emmaus is run by three member team and some helper. They go from village to village any where in Nepal. Some time, these places are high in the mountain and some time in the plains of south. Carrying heavy loads power generator, wires, amplifiers and mixtures, sound box and others are not easy to carry and these staffs are not paid. They go because they love the un-reached. Still above 90 % people in Nepal are without gospel or they have never had heard the message of Jesus.

Some time telling people about Jesus or handing them tracts is not enough. Two hours films touches their hearts and breaks their misunderstanding. We want you to be a part of this film team. Please help in any way you can. Be a part of what God is doing in this beautiful Himalaya. Let us work together. Write to us today.

God bless you.

This is how we carried Jesus Film


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