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Bible Distribution Ministry has been in our heart since we came to understand the importance of Bible in the life of a disciple. Our motto is : God’s word is free-Let every one have it. Hundreds of new people join the church in Nepal and they need the Bible.

We accept new and used Bibles and share them with people who need them. Please join with us to share the blessing of the word of God to some one who cherishes it. Send us your unused Bible for some one special who is waiting for his own copy.

Bible Distribution in the School

Students in the Bible School takes Bibles to the villages

Benefits of the word of God

These are the blessings of reading the scripture :

  1. Answered Prayer John 15 : 7, Prov 28 : 9.
  2. Victory over sin, Ps 119 : 9, 11, 1 John 2 : 14, John 8 : 31-32.
  3. Spirit filled living, Eph 5 : 18-19, Col 3 : 16.
  4. The word brings purpose to life, John 17 : 17-18.
  5. Spiritual Growth, Rom 10 : 10, 1 Pet 2 : 2.
  6. Fruitfulness, Ps 1 ; 2-3.
  7. Defeats the power of darkness, Mt 4 : 3-11, Eph 6 : 17, Heb. 4 : 12.
  8. Brings success to life, Jos 1 ; 8, Ps 1 ; 2-3, Jam 1 ;25.
  9. Equips us to be competent counselors, Rom 15 : 14, 2 Tim 3 : 16.
  10. When used it brings the purpose of God to pass, Isa 55 ; 10-11,
  11. It gives comfort and hope, Rom 15 : 4, Heb 6 : 17-20.
  12. It gives guidance and direction to life, Ps 119 ; 105.
  13. It brings joy, Jer 15 : 16.

A price of a Bible in Nepal is 3 US dollar. We need English Bible also but they are costly here. You can be a partner with us by just sending scriptures. In every good Christian homes there are plenty of unused Bibles, but people here are desperately looking for the Bible. You could be a blessing to them. If you want to donate Bible please write us today, here is the email

We distribute Bibles to our Pastors, Evangelists and workers. In December of this year we would like to bless Churches with the scriptures. We are praying for 400 Bibles. If you are led by the Holy Spirit to donate us Bible, we would be glad to know that.

Another very important need of our evangelistic ministry is gospel tracts. Tracts are very easily handed out to people in Nepal. Bless Nepali Churches with the gospel tracts. Help us print more gospel tracts so that we can give to village evangelists.

Students of Bible College gets a personal copy of a Bible

Bible College students gets a personal copy of the Bible

With your little help of just 200 US dollar helps us print ten thousand gospel tracts. Please consider being a part of this ministry by donating fund to print more tracts for our ongoing evangelistic ministry.

We receive many requests from our churches for the bibles and tracts. We need partners who can help us purchase and print. We encourage you to put your money in God’s bank in your account by investing here on earth. God bless you. Please donate Bibles. God’s word is free let every one have access to it. Send us your unused Bibles, we will happily replace them in the hand of some one very needy. To know more about Bible Distribution Ministry, please click in a photograph above.

Thank you

2010 November December Ministry Photos
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  1. Charles Leung

    July 25, 2012

    Dear Brother and Sister,
    We are a electronic company in Hongkong. Most of our members are Brother and Sister in Lord. In the middle of 2011, we are called to encourage people to listen the word of God daily. Thanks God that we are success to launch a “Audio Bible Player” at the end of 2011. This player are very suitable for elder, housewife. Thanks God that “China Alliance Press” are willing to be our general agent in Hongkong. Within the past year, more than twelve thousands player are delivered to China and Honghong. Now we just to encourage more and more brother and sister to join us. If you have the same mission or you have the outlet like “China Alliance Press”. Please contact us at “” . We will send you a free sample for testing.

    Bless and love in Lord
    Charles Leung


    • akuma frederick

      March 27, 2014

      P.O.BOX 199
      Yumba, Uganda
      I submit this letter to your office for consideration. CAFFY is a faith based non government organization, Uganda.
      Akuma Frederick
      Executive Director.

    • Hello, good to hear the audio bible player in Nepali but how much is the price?

      • Hello Charles,
        Thank you for writing. We have not found a place yet for Audio Bible Player, all we did and do was distribute to Christians who can’t read otherwise. And these materials we got from friends for free to give away free. They don’t produce in Nepal so it is hard to get in Nepali market.

    • Hello Charles,

      Good to hear the audio bible player in Nepali but how much is the price?

      • Hello Linda,
        Bible Society of Nepal has just ordered the Audio Bible but have not arrived in their store yet, so when it arrives it will be on sale. They did not reveal when it arrives and how much charge they are going to put.

  2. I need a bible to study the word of God. My address AMANIAMPONG S.H.S P.O.BOX 74 MAMPONG-ASHANTI, GHANA


  3. P Vijay Kumar

    December 2, 2016

    My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
    Praise the Lord. Greeting to you all in the most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    We are writing this from the city of Chennai here in S.India. We are a small group of new believers in Christ. most of us speak the Nepali language and many speak Assamese, Oriya, and many other languages. However it is the love of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ that binds us together and the common link language among us is Hindi.
    WE shall be ever grateful to you all if we could get a few copies of the Holy Bible in Hindi as well as Nepali. presently we need 5 Nos Nepali and 5 Nos in Hindi. Our brothers from Assam and Orissa are just learning to read. We shall let you know when they are also ready to read the scriptures.
    Thanking you and with love and prayers,
    Vijay Kumar,
    +91 7299841436

  4. i want a bible book where i will get in chitwan,nepal


  5. Vijay kumar

    May 14, 2017

    Dear sir, i am vijay kumar from nepal i heard that your group can distrubute audio bible is that’s true can you send me a bible in my postal address:-bethel church , EHC box no: 148 ‘ sivnagar badhipidit , bardaghat , nawalprasi, lumbni zone , pin code:-033011, nepal


  6. Enquiry

    July 6, 2017

    Where do you distribute bible to?


  7. Enquiry

    July 6, 2017

    Which Christians are you?


  8. Sahara

    July 8, 2017

    Where can I buy bible book? I’m from kathmandu

    • Go to Maranatha Bookstore in Chabahil chok 01-4478738 or Ekta Book Store in Thapathali or in Man Bhawan, 01-4245787


  9. Sahara

    July 8, 2017

    Where can I buy bible book .I’m from bhaktapur

    • Hi, Please Go here,

      Chabahil, 01-4478738, 4475133, 9841275267,
      Thapathali, Prasuti Griha Marg, 01-4245787
      Man Bhawan, Ekta Book, 01-5533862,
      GFA books 985-1119164 Jhamsikhel,1-5533163

    • Go to Maranatha Bookstore in Chabahil chok 01-4478738 or Ekta Book Store in Thapathali or in Man Bhawan, 01-4245787

      • Chabahil, 01-4478738, 4475133, 9841275267,
        Thapathali, Prasuti Griha Marg, 01-4245787
        Man Bhawan, Ekta Book, 01-5533862,
        GFA books 985-1119164 Jhamsikhel,1-5533163

  10. johnny wong

    October 23, 2017

    How much is a Bible in Nepali ?
    Can I buy some bibles through your site?

  11. GospelGo distributes free Bibles in every language.


  12. Singh Raj Tamang

    June 25, 2018

    Would you please provide us some Bibles to distribute the needy people?
    Best wisges,

    • Our Bibles are free as people provides. We distribute hand to hand, one person one copy of the Bible. If you live in remote place, we will try to send Bible. Give us your address and the Pastor’s phone no. Send email to


      • Singh Raj Tamang

        June 25, 2018

        Hi i also work as a pastor at my church. So my physical address is here.
        Singh Raj Tamang
        Bidur-7, Sahugain, Nuwalot
        Anyway, if you will provide me some more bibles to distribute, I will pay. Thank you.

  13. Singh Raj Tamang

    October 22, 2018

    Hi, would you please provide me some bibles to distribute the needy believers in my area?

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