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Mission Trip to Nepal

We have opportunity for you to volunteer and serve in Nepal. Nepal has been open for the gospel and we need volunteers to work in orphanage, church, school, and in against women trafficking in Nepal. We are Christian and we host only Christians who love the Lord from the heart and share and serve others.

We believe that carrying the Bible in hand is not enough if we don’t have the love in action. Bible says: Little Children, let us stop just saying we love people, let us really love them, and show it by our action. So you see, Faith by itself is not enough, unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless. 1 John 3:18, James 2:17. TLB

International volunteers working in Nepal. We need volunteers for our many projects like, Sports Ministry, Orphanage, School for Poor, Church and others.

International volunteers working in Nepal. We need volunteers for our many projects like, Sports Ministry, Orphanage, School for Poor, Church and others.

If you are thinking of volunteering, then country of Mount Everest, could be the finest choice you would ever make in your life time. When you come you would love this place and the people of Nepal. Situated between China’s Tibet and India, Nepal’s plains, mountain and Himalayas makes it a perfect place for serving. Other attraction of interests Jungle Safari, Bungee jump, Everest Flight and trekking in Himalaya.

Your determination to serve others in need is the most important decision any person can make in life. God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another says Peter in his second epistle in 4:10. Its not only fun to connect with others, it also bridges the heart of two communities despite how far you live on the globe. It brings harmony and helps institutionalize peace and stability even in nation.

We are expanding rooms in Orphanage, in School and building the Church so that more people can sit comfortably and you are welcome to help us. We even do sports ministry and ministry to sex trafficking women. We would do better when some one comes by our side and help us. There is a great need of volunteering team in Nepal.

Some useful answers which you may be seeking

We will tell you important things that you should need to know once you come to Kathmandu, before going to mission place.

I love Volunteering

because it makes a difference, because it brings great feelings, I love making new friends and Oh ya, I love supporting a cause that I care about.

Your food and lodging

We will provide you room and food. You don’t have to cook for yourself. There are lots of Marthas out there who are concern for your well being.

Teens and healthy person below the age of 55 are welcome. Mission work some time means labor. We are reluctant to receive below 16 years of age.

Spirituality and activity engagement
You should not drink or smoke in your entire mission trip time. Dating should be avoided since Nepali culture are very sensitive. You be the salt and light. Normally house church is organize throughout the week and you are always invited to join. So you be ready to share what you have.

I am single can I join?
Yes you can. But you should not be sick of any kind, you must be healthy and helpful to others. Remember you are coming to serve, read this verse, Therefore, where ever we have the opportunity, we should do good to every one, specially to those in the family of faith.

Do I need to pay money?
Yes you are. We will tell you once your mission area is finalized. You are not paying, you are contributing to the expenses for the electricity, food, room, washing machine, wifi and others.

Write to us if you are interested to volunteer in Nepal or if you want to ask any thing. There is a form in download section of this website, titled, Form for the Volunteer.

God bless


Some of our Mission Photos

When coming to Nepal for volunteering, you can start all of your project with praying for Nepal in top of the mountain in Nagarkot, or if your group is small you can visit Monkey Temple, Soyambhu where from you can see all of Kathmandu.

Volunteer teams split into  three teams and prayed for Nepal early morning in Nagarkot, near Kathmandu on February. Its altitude is 2195 meter from sea.

Volunteer teams split into three teams and prayed for Nepal early morning in Nagarkot, near Kathmandu. Its altitude is 2195 meter from sea level. Any people who come in group can visit this mountain and spend time in praying for Nepal. You can see most of the top Himalayas of the world including Mount Everest from here. You will have to wake up 100 minutes before the sunrise and head in bus.

Gelu Bajar, In Ramechap,

Gelu Bajar, Ramechap

Gelu village east of Kathmandu, Church here needs mission team or volunteer team to finish the Church building.

 Participate in music

Partipate in Music

You can hang out with boys and participate in music and share your experience with them.

 Play Soccer from Church Boys http://www.churchboys.org

Play Soccer

You can play soccer and have fun. Share the gospel through the football. They will love to hang out with you. Make new friend.

 Work in Orphanage

Paint in Orphanage

You can paint in orphanage and in School or do work that is available during your visit.

 Morning Worship

WR (36)

Whenever you come to Nepal with us to help in certain project, we will take you to some specific place like mountain top where you could see high peaks of the Himalaya or the river side where you can have your quite time in the Lord or worship together and proclaim and declare the glory of God. This is usually before any project you start to do.

 Working is fun, team from the world race http://www.worldrace.org

World Race in December

Working is fun, Don’t miss the mission experience

 Burn Fire

Burn Fire

We make burn fire some time. It is so good to roast Chicken and Pork in the fire and serve with Soda. This group is world race. You can visit their site at http://www.worldrace.org

River Crossing

River Crossing

Now some of the project site where you want to work is far away from the city. You need to hike, or take bus, you need to cross river in some point to get to the mission site. You need to know how to swim.



Normally in all the project site, couple of hours of hike is necessary to reach the project site. You need to physically fit to carry your backpack and you need to be mentally and physically healthy.

 Church Building

Church Building

When you work in construction like in Church building, Orphanage or School, they all needs your physical labor. Machine don’t work here and some of the place you work won’t have electricity. It is always joy to work in mission that you have been dreaming of. Welcome to Nepal.

 Helping orphans know God intimately

Orphans need guidance

Its a great opportunity and pleasure to invest your money, time and skills to a person who become a doctor, pastor, pilot, engineer or some thing. This could be your project.

Working in School

Sana Tara (3)

Sana Tara Community School in Dungdunge in Ilam is a long project to work. It is slowly coming to a shape we dream of. We are thankful for volunteers, specially the world Race who sacrifice their labor here. It is through them we were able to accomplish the great task for the poor community in Nepal.

Church Ministry


You are given time for sharing testimony song and word from the Bible any time in anywhere, it could be in Church, in house gathering and prayer meeting. Just be ready to share and bless other.

 Food and Lodging


From your arrival in Airport to your departure in Airport and all the way, we will take care of you. We will provide breakfast lunch and dinner and room. We want you to contribute financially what ever way you can to help us cover the expenses and feed you back.

Thank you for your precious time here. God bless you and we would love to hear from you about your interest to come and serve in Nepal. Write to me at tankrai@gmail.com

God bless you


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