Orphanage in Nepal

Welcome to Orphanages in Nepal. We have Orphanage 1 Urlabari Morang where four kids are living now. We have Orphanage 2 Makwanpur where 9 kids live there. We have Orphanage 3 Bhaktapur where 12 kids live and they are from Sindhupalchowk whose parents died in Church while it collapsed after massive Earthquake shook the nation.




Earth Children in Rasuwa

Name: Sarmila Tamang

Name: Sarmila Tamang

Name: Amos Tamang

Name: Amos Tamang

Name: Isaac Tamang

Name: Isaac Tamang

Name: Jyoti Tamang

Name: Jyoti Tamang

Earthquake Children in Bhaktapur in Kathmandu

Susmita Magar

Manisha Magar

Aakriti Magar

Amrit Magar

Rebika Magar

Rishta Magar

Aashish Magar

Bishal Magar

Sabina Thapa

Ajit Magar

Name: Man BK

Name: Man BK

Name: Sunil Pradhan

Name: Sunil Pradhan


Earthquake Children before they were taken to the City















Children of the Earthquake (8)


Here are some of the photos from the orphanage. Thank you all who made the financial contribution. To all new visitors, thank you for coming here. We have started to build the orphanage in village in Nepal. We have not completed it. We are looking for generous people who would assist us.




Orphanage House

Poor, orphans and widows are being neglected in Nepal. We as a true children of God can show a care and love to them. We are building a house for those deserving people. Every single dollar is thankfully accepted and receipt is issued for those who make contribution. Please prayerfully consider making a special contribution today and help us continue build and make facilities for orphans.




Filling the gap with dirt in the orphanage building

Drilling for water in the orphanage house

Filling the gap with dirt in the orphanage site

There are many information for orphanage. If you want to know more you can write to us and we will find a way to send profiles to you.

Below is the design of the house.

West Side Elevation

East Side Elevation


South Side Elevation

North Side Elevator

First Floor

Roof Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Ground Floor


Map of the Orphanage

6 Responses “orphanage” →
  1. Hi There Reuben, The Lord has put this orphanage on our hearts and we want to help build this house for the orphans and widows to have a home. We will help with our prayers and finances as the Lord enables us. May God continue to bless you as you do these great works for His people.

    In Jesus Name,
    Tyrone & Cynthia Palmer

    • Hi Tyrone and Cynthia
      I have approved your comment. I am so glad that you would like to be a part of this orphanage. Please share our orphanage news to all people you know. Let us become a group of squad to hep others in need.

      • Praise the Lord! We have made a page on our blog to help your ministry and we would like to know the name of the orphan girl in Makwanpur, we will support her every month as the Lord provides!

        Many Blessings,

  2. Sushma Nepali

    December 1, 2017

    Hi its me sushma nepali from butwal,nepal.i m 21 years old.and i want to adopt a baby boy aged about 1-3 years old who is physically and emotionally fit.can u help me..if u are able to help me contact me 9819450713..

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