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You are the Light of the World

July 10, 2018


According to NLT, Jesus said, You are the Light of the world–like a city built on a hilltop that can’t be hidden. Mathew 5:14. When I was a Child, I really liked the stories that Jesus shared with His disciples. They were very meaningful and carried enormous clues. Are people believing in Jesus do really […]

In Touch Messenger

June 26, 2018


This article is prepared for Barry Neal and Papa Perry for their help in contributing Messenger Bible Radio   I received 17 pieces of Messengers and it was really good-looking. It was in compact design, small with lots of feature in it. Thank you to Mr. Barry Neal for Messenger Radio, and to my Papa […]

School books, Sarmila, Soccer cups, boot on the ground

June 25, 2018


Its my pleasure to share update with you again. Here are the updates. School books and uniforms I believe we should give education to children. Some parents don’t educate their children. This is not possible for poor children. I face so much challenge to continue to help Children, but so far God is good. We […]

April Update: Bibles Guitar Orphans School and Video

May 30, 2018


Mark 16:15, And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” NLT.  Dear Friend I want to thank you for all your prayer, financial support and kind words.  I am so pleased to present this ministry update with you. Thank you for the Bibles To those, who […]

Prison Ministry in Nepal

April 2, 2018


Thank you so much for all your support. We had awesome month in January 2018. We visited Prison and gave away blanket to inmates. It was cold in winter and the blanket helped them stay warm in the dark cell, to the men and women inmates. We know its not much but giving is giving […]

July and August working in orphanage, Jungle Safari and Soccer Cup

October 24, 2017


Dear Friend Peace be to you from God our father and our Lord Savior Jesus Christ. It is always a joy for me to share what God is doing in Nepal and thank you for your love and prayer. I notice that I have not made any update for quite long. I have some stories […]

Images of damage done by the Flood in Nepal

September 1, 2017


All images are real, collected from the different sources.                             Please pray for the supply to come to the flood victims and send fund directly to the victim’s family or anyone you know and trust. This is public request on behalf of […]